IPLS Selection 2024

IPLS Selection 2024

Marca by BolognaFiere and Expertise on Field – IPLC, wish to improve the experience of the selection award of products for the Private Label, carried out in previous years, with the opportunity for exhibiting companies to be present and visible before (website and media pages) during (at a highly visible and lively space: IPLS MANUFACTURERS' INNOVATION EXPO) and after the event (at Marca China and in the other international initiatives organised by Marca by BolognaFiere), with their products launched or to be launched in the coming months.



To take part in the opportunity, companies must register by filling in the application form, and present a maximum of three innovative products just launched or to be launched per company, describing them with the required information and uploading at least two HD images per product. After the registration, companies will then be able to access, in the section of the reserved area dedicated to IPLS 2024.

Here, for each product, companies will have to select from the drop-down menu the product categories to which the proposed products belong and enter the description of each product, specifying to which of the following areas and types of trends/products they primarily respond:

1. Local and nearby, Made in Italy products: a trend for which, especially after the pandemic, buyers and consumers favour:

  • The value of proximity: products that are fresher and more seasonal, cheaper, with low emissions for transport and distribution, with transparency on provenance, etc.
  • The value of belonging to and supporting local/regional/national communities
  • The value of quality and transparency linked to farming and production practices without contaminants, to low-processed and simple products that are therefore more natural
  • Quality products, often PDO or PGI, typical for identity, tradition and culture, which also respond to the need for identification, belonging and pride for Italian consumers and which identify the exclusivity of provenance and quality in countries around the world

2. Wellness and health products, Free From / Rich In products (protein products, algae, fibre, supplements, fermented products, etc.). It is the trend that combines the attention of buyers and consumers to:

  • prevention and health maintenance through nutrition for different lifestyles
  • the use of healthy non-food products for the well-being, home and pets
  • Free From: products that guarantee the absence of allergens and elements that generate intolerances, firstly for all those who need to avoid them (no gluten, no sugar, no lactose, etc.) and for all others who intend to consume them even only occasionally
  • Rich In: products naturally rich or enriched in certain nutrients, e.g. more fibre, more protein, more pro and prebiotics, more vitamins and omega 3, etc., functional for different physiological and lifestyle needs

3. Bio / Flexitarian / Vegetarian / Vegan

  • Flexitarian is the profile of those who intend to consume products of both vegetable and animal origin or with mixed ingredients (e.g. mixed minced meat and vegetables) in order to progressively reduce the consumption of animal products, both for reasons of prevention and health and to reduce the high environmental impact of animal production and promote animal welfare
  • Vegan is the profile of those seeking products that totally exclude animal products, including derivatives (e.g. dairy products and eggs), from their diet.
  • Vegetarian is the profile of those who intend to exclude meat, but not other animal derivatives (especially dairy products and eggs)

4. Ready-to-Eat products
They are increasingly in demand and available (thanks to innovative preservation technologies) in retail, catering and e-commerce channels. They respond to the need for ready-to-eat meals for a quick, quality and balanced meal, at home, in the office, and away from home, saving time.

5. Product packaging with reduced waste, cost and environmental impact, Sustainable Products

  • Products with innovative packaging in terms of shape, size and functionality for transport, sale and consumption. Packaging with reduced quantity/weight, possibly with homogeneous and sustainable material: recycled or naturally regenerated
  • Composition with ingredients, materials and processing from circular and regenerative economy
  • Use of ingredients of high quality and nutritional value for the health of consumers
  • Low environmental impact (CO2eq emissions, consumption of energy, water, soil, etc.)
  • Sourcing from fair, exploitation-free and socially beneficial supply chains

Should there be more than one type of novelty, the prevailing one should be highlighted. This highlighting will allow, in communication and display, also during the fair, to correctly place the product with the provided description.


The exhibition space will provide a path for visitors between the innovation categories, between shelves and showcases containing the products with descriptions, and will be located in an area of high transit and high traffic near the RETAIL BRAND AREA, the display of Private Label products of Brand Retailers.

The IPLS display of products will be manned and animated, with the presence of a fifth / background where the managers of the companies of the products on display can take photos. Based on the unquestionable evaluation of the innovations proposed by the Expertise on Field – IPLC partner, co-organiser of the IPLS, a free mentoring meeting, to be scheduled after the event, will be offered to a maximum of 30 companies on the innovation and development of Private Label products addressed to Italian and European retailers.


The space will feature screens that will continuously show images of the products on display and/or short videos provided by the companies. Also in this space, as well as at the entrances, the "day one and day two" editions of the magazine of the event will be distributed. The communication and media activity of the products and companies exhibiting in this space will also proceed in the follow up of the show in view of the next edition of Marca China in June 2024 and the following edition of Marca by BolognaFiere 2025.




Applications must be submitted by filling in the appropriate form available HERE and must be returned to the Show Office by 19 December 2023.

Once the application has been registered, the Show Office will activate the "New Products and Services" section in the reserved area, where the products to be presented must be entered.

Exhibitors will be required to deliver at least one physical sample per product presented in the form of a mock-up to BolognaFiere for the IPLS 2024 show during the exhibition days. The products will then be retained by BolognaFiere to be sent to Marca China and/or any other international initiatives organised by Marca by BolognaFiere.

Products in mock-up form must be sent to Marca’s Show Office no later than 8 January 2024 to the following address:

Piazza della Costituzione 5
40127 Bologna
Attn: Paola Lacchini (+39 051 282968)



For any further information please call:

• Paola Lacchini (paola.lacchini@bolognafiere.it) – +39 051 282968
• Joi Kimberly Nano (kimberly.nano@bolognafiere.it) – +39 051 282865